Revisiting The Heritage Dollhouse

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tjcass said...

I can't believe this, I was following some links on here and saw the doll from "Somewhere In Time". That was the original music I had for the dollhouse video and had to change it because of copyright issues. I don't usually like most of the dolls for dollhouses, but I love that one. Where is she? I see her picture in the top of your page. I have to have her!!!

MiniMaker said...

I originally had the music from the movie in my video too and had to change it. I LOVE the movie! The doll, "Elise McKenna" was created especially for me by Louise Goldsborough of Angelique's Miniatures, based on photos I sent her. She is a fabulous doll maker!

You can see more photos on my website.

tjcass said...

Thamk you so much.

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