Classic Twilight Zone Miniature

Every year I watch the Twilight Zone New Year's Marathon on SyFy. This year to celebrate my tradition, I'm posting a clip of one of my favorite episodes, "Miniature", with Robert Duvall.

Video provided by: YouTuber ~bangor099
View the entire episode here


Christmas scene in 1:12 scale.

Video provided by: AnamaVesi

Mrs Neave's Dollshouse -1840

The house was bought from Mrs Neave of Cotham in 1930. It dates from about 1840 but little is known about its origin. It is a snapshot of an early Victorian interior.

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

OOAK Miniature Babies

1/12 th scale OOAK Miniature Babies by IGMA Artisan Noemi Pascual.

Video provided by: Noemi Pascual

Handmade Miniature Food

A small selection of 1/12 scale miniature food created by Amanspeak Miniatures.

Video provided by: Amanspeak Miniatures

Dollhouse from Switzerland

Video provided by: YouTuber~ 1966mats

Christmas Dinner with the Foxes

Window displays at Bergdorff Goodman in NYC, for the Fantastic Mr. Fox movie.

Video provided by: YouTuber~

Mrs Bryant's Pleasure- 1860

This house was made for a lady called Mrs Bryant in the early 1860s, who lived in a house in Surbiton called Oakenshaw. Mrs Bryant wanted to make a miniature record of the interior of her home.

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

Yummy Miniature Food and Cakes

Video provided by: A.L. Designs

Dollhouse Christmas Tree Angel Topper Tutorial

Video provided by: YouTuber~Garden of Imagination

Christmas Doll House for Storm

This video is a little different than the kind I normally post but it's so sweet I couldn't resist. That's all I am going to say, the video speaks for itself. =)

Video provided by: YouTuber~ mittsdad

Vintage Santa

Traditional old world, European Santa based on the German Saint Nicholas, created by Sandra Morris.

Video provided by:

Snow Scene, Home For Christmas Town

A wonderful display at Wanamaker Lee's Vintage Department Store, owners Rickey and Nancy West, Main Street, Sebree, KY.

Video provided by: YouTuber~

Miniature Market

My miniature market a christmas story inspired by the dolls at Jennifer's Free Dolls House and Miniature Printables.

Video provided by:
YouTuber~ seamonkeyfilms

Poinsettia House

An elegant Victorian dollhouse, custom built by Deb Roberts of Deb's Minis.

Video provided by:
Deb's Minis

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