Christmas 2011 by Hummingbird Miniatures

Video provided by: Hummingbird Miniatures

Miniature Mischief

A little boy creates mischief in his miniature world at The Great American Dollhouse Museum.

Video provided by: The Great American Dollhouse Museum

Miniature Food Created by Stéphanie Kilgast

Visit Stéphanie's website PetitPlat!

Video provided by: 

~German Version~

Miniature Party Hat Tutorial

Video provided by: MsMiniLover

The Chestnuts ~ Dolls House

Video provided by:

Kiyomi's Dollhouse

Video provided by: meronchin

Christmas Dollhouse

Video provided by: MsMiniLover

Miniature Christmas Candy Canes

Video provided by: joanne's minis

Barrett & Company Real Estate 2011 Dollhouse Raffle

For over 20 years, Barrett & Company agents and staff have worked together to build a dollhouse that is raffled off for charity. All time and materials are donated which means that all proceeds are donated to that year's charity. This year, the recipient is the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless.

Video provided by: BarrettandCo

Christmas Time in the Dollhouse

Video provided by: SharonOjala

Christmas In Miniature

Video provided by: Minis By Angela

Waiting For Santa

Video provided by: Mary Ciccolella ~ Don't Make A Scene

Santa & Mrs. Claus Tutorial

Video provided by: joanne's minis

The Collectors: Dolls Houses

Video provided by: TheShoppingSherpa

Miniature Christmas Lights Tutorial

Video provided by: TheCraftyCrow

Miniature Gingerbread House Tutorial

Click here for the Gingerbread house pattern from, WhipperBerry.

Video provided by: Gentlemanbunny

Pasta Bolognese Tutorial

Video provided by: Daniela of

Oen's Refuge

Exploration of the Faery House documented in the book, Oen's Refuge, by Melissa Hirst Chaple.

Video provided by: MelissaChaple

Miniature Cookies Tutorial

Joanne demonstrates how to make miniature "baked" cookies, cookie "dough", baking sheets and cooling racks.

Video provided by: joanne's minis

Mackenzie Childs Themed Dollhouse

Video provided by: FRINGEUSER

Christmas Treats by Tiny Delights

Video provided by: Tiny Delights

Miniatures Museum of Taiwan Tour

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

Twig Wizardry's Lighted Faerie Houses

This faerie house will reside in England where Dulcibella is a well-known European faery.

Video provided by: Twig Wizardry

Miniature Chair Makeover

Joanne turns an ugly fabric covered chair into a fabulous "leather" chair.

Video provided by: joanne's minis

Halloween Dollhouse Tour - Rau's Country Store Miniature Department

Video provided by:

Exeter House ~ A Haunted Dollhouse

I have been a fan of a blog called The for a while and today I discovered that the author of the blog, Jenny Lawson, created this fabulous dollhouse! I love it!
Video provided by:  & TheBloggess

Miniature Couch Makeover

Video provided by: joanne's minis

Colvin Dolls in 1:12 Scale

Video provided by: The Colvin Studio

Thorne Miniature Rooms at the Knoxville Museum of Art's

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

Cucumber Cane Tutorial

Video provided by: Daniela of

STORYBOOK Scenes Created by Ileana Ottini

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

Miniature Scenes

Video provided by: lacireh

Halloween Tombstones Tutorial

How to make miniature tombstones in Tombstones in 1/12th and 1/6th scales.

Video provided by: joanne's minis

Briar Rose Cottage

Video provided by: Minis by Angela

Miniature Pumpkin Tutorial

Video provided by: Cre8tiveCollab

Speakeasy Dollhouse Documentary Trailer

"Of Dolls & Murder" director, Susan Marks, has created a Kickstarter to fund her sequel documentary on Speakeasy Dollhouse and Cynthia von Buhler. SPEAKEASY DOLLHOUSE is the true story of Cynthia von Buhler's grandparents, who bootlegged liquor and owned two speakeasies in Prohibition-era New York City. It centers mainly around her grandfather who was shot and killed in 1935, but nobody in her family ever found out why. Von Buhler is uncovering the facts and telling the story in a graphic novel with photographs of miniature dolls and sets that she created to visualize and convey the story. Due to some of the graphic content of the video I won't post it here. To view the Speakeasy Dollhouse Kickstarter Video, click here.

Video provided by: hannahgoldstein

Halloween Candy Tutorial

Joanne from Joanne's Minis, shows us how to make simple Halloween candies in two scales, 1/6th and 1/12th.

Video provided by: joanne's minis

Home Sweet Home

Video provided by: Minivale94

Halloween Candy Bowl Tutorial

Video provided by: joanne's minis

Miniature Museum in Lyon

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

Skelly, the Halloween Skeleton ~Project

Video provided by: joanne's minis

Mackenzie Manor

Video provided by: brwidney

Henry Kupjack's Miniature Rooms

The "Miniature Rooms" of Henry Kupjack, an excellent example of the art of miniature. The history of the doll's house:

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

Fall Decoration For the Dollhouse

Video provided by: joanne's minis

Miniature Artist Studio~Private Retreat

An artist studio somewhere deep in the woods near a lake.

Video provided by: lacireh

Toy Train Tutorial

Video provided by: joanne's minis

Pipi Turner "My Dollhouse"

Video provided by: PipiTurner

1:12 Scale Toy Truck Tutorial

Video provided by: joanne's minis

Potter's Museum 1965

Today's post is a little different.......

Video provided by: British Pathé

Miniature Dollhouse Cottage

Video provided by: lacireh

Baby Bead Toy Tutorial

Video provided by: joanne's minis

AmanSpeak Miniatures

Video provided by: AmanSpeak Miniatures

1:12 Scale Artist's Studio

Artist's studio, inspired by the lifestyle of the starving artist a hundred years ago.

Video provided by: kolja1975

Dollhouse for the Dollhouse Tutorial

Video provided by: joanne's minis

OOAK Dollhouse Miniature Cats by Madina

Video provided by: 43neverland

Miniature Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Video provided by: joanne's minis

Retro Lundby Dollhouses

Five Lundby Dollhouses from the 1970's.

Video provided by:

Miniature Victorian Street

Exhibited by the Costa Blanca Dolls House and Miniatures Club which was on display at the Casa de Cultura Pedreguer during July 2011.

Video provided by: middleimage

Miniature Oatmeal Cane

Video provided by: Daniela of

Miniature Enthusiasts Invade The North Coast

Video provided by: WEWSTV & NAME

Baby Stacking Toy

Video provided by: joanne's minis

American Miniaturist's 100th Issue GIVEAWAY!

American Miniaturist Magazine is announcing their biggest giveaway ever in the 100th anniversary issue, coming out this August. Here is your SNEAK PREVIEW of this exciting giveaway from Real Good Toys!

Video provided by : DollhouseTV

Suzanne's Dollhouses & Miniatures

A full service dollhouse and miniature shop located in O'Fallon Missouri, just outside of St. Louis.

Video provided by: OFallonTV & Suzanne's Dollhouses & Miniatures

The Beacon Hill Dollhouse by Angela

This 1:12 scale dollhouse represents a 19th century mansion that has been converted into a modern 3-unit apartment building.

Video provided by: Minis by Angela

Miniature Enthusiasts

Video provided by: ShawTVCentralVI

1/12 Scale Xylophone Project

Video provided by: joanne's minis

Miniature Titanic Dining Room

Video provided by: Conny van Den Dungen

Les Petits Tresors by Jean D. Reid

One of a Kind hand sculpted babies, in 1:12th & 1:24th miniature scale.

Video provided by: Les Petits Trésor

About Dollshouse TV

Video provided by: Dollhouse TV

The English Kitchen Miniature Foods Summer 2011 Collection

The latest designs from miniaturist Lesley Burgess, including new gateaux, trifles, cakes, tea and more! 
Video provided by: The English Kitchen

How to make miniature ham slices

Video provided by: Daniela of

Miniature Garden & Potting Shed

Video provided by: My Small Obsession

Fairy Gardening

Video provided by: ALSIPNURSERY

'Kat the Hat Lady'

Miniature 1:12 scale Pirate hats created and made by Kat Hazelton.
Video provided by: Kat-the hat-lady

Salmon Maki Cane Tutorial

Video provided by: TinyTongue

The Dollhouse Corner

A dollhouse shop in Delray Beach, Florida.

Video provided by: percyz & The Dollhouse Corner

Bellabelle Dolls

Miniature Art Dolls in 12th scale sculpted from polymer clay by IGMA Artisan Julie Campbell.

Video provided by: Bellabelle Dolls

Amy's Dollhouse Video Tour

Video provided by: atibesar28

Ellenbrook ~ A Victorian Dollhouse

Ellenbrook is an Australian Victorian dolls house with three levels and nine rooms.

Video provided by: julieannetherese21

Mouseterpiece Featurette

Today's post is a little different. Last night I watched the movie Dinner for Schmucks and I was delightfully surprised by the opening scene. The main character in the movie has an unusual hobby.....

Cristina Caballero Miniatures

Miniature character dolls and scenes by figurative artist Cristina Caballero.

Video provided by: Cristina Artdoll Studio

How to make a miniature mug

Video provided by: AkameruKawaii

Eileen Sedgwick Art Dolls

Twelfth scale one-of-a-kind figures by Eileen Sedgwick.

Video provided by: Eileen Sedgwick

Miniature Rooms - Stuttgard - 1890

These two rooms said to have been commissioned by and made for H.Blumhardt's famous toyshop in the Konigsbau, Stuttgart, in the 1890s.

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

Old Dusty Attic Roombox

Created by Celia Thomas of KT Miniatures.

Video provided by: KT Miniatures

Newberg Dollhouse

Video provided by: Minis by Angela

Matquel's Antiques & China Shop

Created by Rebecca Micallef.
Video provided by: Rebmicallef

Polymer Clay Basket Tutorial

Video provided by: stargatefansg1

Dollhouse Doll's Hands Tutorial

Artisan Patricia Cabrera shares how she creates 1:12 scale doll hands. Be sure to visit her website, Woolytales Miniatures and stop by her Blog.

Video provided by: Woolytales Miniatures

Happy Birthday Arthur!

Celebrate Arthur's birthday and learn a little bit about the dog that hides in the pages of American Miniaturist magazine every month.
Video provided by: DollshouseTV

Pat's Little World

Video provided by: marianamackinney

Dollhouses by Hank and Iris Nedza

Video provided by: 

Miniature Birdhouse Tutorial

Joanne shows us how to make 3 different styles of miniature bird houses.

Video provided by: joanne's minis

Miniature Hat and Hat Box Tutorial

Video provided by: YouTuber~166sue

Miniature Scale Fantasy Leather Bound Books

Video provided by: EV Miniatures

How to Make Miniature Plates and Bowls

Video provided by: Lilacsmell's Miniatures

Helena's Dolls for MDL Houseparty

One of Belgium's famous doll artisans, Helena (Fashion Dolls in Miniature) will be teaching a doll class at the MDL Houseparty in July. (New York and Quebec). If you are interested in attending, visit miniDOLLlist for more information.

Video provided by: Dana of Miniature Art

1:12th Scale Easter Egg Bread Tutorial

Video provided by: joanne's minis

Quilled Miniature Hyacinths & Plant Stand Tutorials

Plant Stand

The order of the pieces for the stand is as follows from top to bottom:
Section 1 - 48" length rolled into a tight coil
Section 2- 24"
Section 3- 1 "
Section 4- 3"
Section 5- 1 "
Section 6- 3/4" X 3" rectangle rolled up starting on short side
Section 7- 1"
Section 8- 3"
Section 9- 1"
Section 10- 24"
Section 11- 48 "

Videos provided by: yoyomax12

Uneek Doll Designs Miniature Art Dolls

Video provided by: Uneek Doll Designs

Smallsea~ A Metropolis in Miniature

Located in Carmel, California, Smallsea depicts the city center of a fictional city in Edwardian England circa 1900 to 1905. A population of over 1,000 miniature dolls goes about the daily routines of city life. Smallsea is occupied by an unknown branch of the human family called Twelfths. Be sure to visit the Smallsea Galleries.

Video provided by: greybeardct

Miniature Roadside Diner ~ The Greasy Spoon

Video provided by: My Small Obsession

OOAK Miniature Dolls by Miniature Marvels

Video provided by: MiniatureMarvels

1:12th Scale Snake Plant ~ Trash to Treasure Project

Video provided by: joanne's minis

Dolls House World New Subscribers' Gift

Video provided by: mgrindon & Dolls House World

How To Make A Display For Photographing Your Miniatures

Video provided by: Gypsy Minis

Dollhouse Quilt Tutorial

Joanne shows us how to make "cheater" quilt and how to create the look of a family heirloom that has been passed down through the years.

Video provided by: joanne's minis

Making Miniature Eggs

Video provided by: Daniela of

Baltimore Museum of Art Miniatures

Video provided by: fyom

Casa de Muñecas

Video provided by: pichirichi67

Queen Anne Dollhouse

Video provided by: psybernana

How to make miniature chicken noodle soup

Video provided by: MsMiniLover

Dollhouse Miniature Bedroom Revamped

Video provided by: Mini-Mago Inc

Dollhouse Cookie Jar Tutorial

A quick and easy project!

Video provided by: joanne's minis

A Georgian Dolls' House

A Georgian built town house built to 1/12 scale. Currently occupied by a man and his wife living in the late 1800's . They employ a butler, cook and maid to carry out duties around their house.

Video provided by: YouTuber~ alderny

Tomato Cane Tutorial

Video provided by: Daniela of

Sous Le Ciel De Paris

Under the Paris sky.

Video provided by: TheDollhouseFactory

1:12 Scale Dollhouse Chair ~ Trash to Treasure Project

Joanne shows us how to change a toilet paper tube into a very comfortable chair for your dollhouse or roombox.
Video provided by: joanne's minis

Grovners Hall Dollhouse Tour

Video provided by: damien20169

Miniature Peanut Butter Cookie Tutorial

Video provided by: Garden of Imagination

Valentine Miniatures by Paris Miniatures

Video provided by: Emmaflam & Miniman's and Paris Miniatures Blog.

America's Doll House

The story of Faith Bradford's Doll House at the Smithsonian National American History Museum. Faith Bradford was a Washington D.C. librarian, who spent more than a half-century accumulating and constructing the 1,354 miniatures that fill its 23 intricately detailed rooms. When Bradford donated them to the museum in 1951, she wrote a lengthy manuscript describing the lives of its residents: Mr. and Mrs. Peter Doll and their ten children, two visiting grandparents, twenty pets, and household staff. Bradford cataloged the Dolls' tastes, habits, and preferences in neatly typed household inventories, which she then bound, along with photographs and fabric samples, in a scrapbook. She even sent museum curators holiday cards written by the Dolls.

Video provided by: JaimeBellemare

America's Doll House: The Miniature World of Faith Bradford ~ Available at Amazon....

Valentines 2011 by Hummingbird Miniatures

Video provided by: Caro Home Crafts

Ross Mackintosh from The Dolls House Emporium

Todays post is from The Dolls House Emporium about an amusing letter they received.
Video provided by: The Dolls House Emporium

Apple Cane Tutorial

Video provided by: SmallEffort

Heart Cookies - Polymer Clay Tutorial

Video provided by: PetitDeCherries

Roombox ~ "Tribute to a Friend"

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

Mini Spaghetti Dinner Tutorial

Video provided by: joanne's minis

Blue & White Tea Service Dollhouse

Broken Ceramics Mosaic entry into the 2011 Florida State Fair. This miniature house is a Dura-Craft Alexandria kit, covered with Meakin Nordic Onion, Blue Willow, Queen's and Churchill Out of the Blue Staffordshire, Asiatic Pheasant and many other wonderful blue and white pieces. The convex glass silhouettes are from the 1940s and on the inside and outside of the house are vintage Meyercord Blue Onion waterslide decals.

Video provided by: MosaicDoll

Miniature Fruit Pie Tutorial

Video provided by: Daniela of

Dolls' House, England 1890-1910

This type of house was widely commercially available through mail order catalogues as well as department stores and toy shops in the early tears of the 20th century.  (

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

Tips on Glue from JoAnne's Minis

JoAnne shares her top glue picks as well as some hints for making glue work for you in your project instead of working against you and damaging your project.
Video provided by: joanne's minis

Forster Dollhouse

The Forster collection began in Ireland around 1845. The collection of over 80 miniatures immigrated to Canada with the family in 1868, and became a family heirloom thereafter. Six generations of the Forster family are documented in this small-scale estate. Many of the treasures are handcrafted by family members. A tiny watercolour by the prominent Canadian artist, William Charles Forster, features his three children. A teapot cover is made from an old wedding dress. The bellows are made from Catherine Forster's buttons. Today, staff at the Canadian Children's Museum make a concerted effort to keep the house alive by decorating the home according to the seasons, just as the Forster family had done for so many years.

Video provided by: Canada's Got Treasures

Victorian Dollhouse by Lorri Still

To see another video of this dollhouse, CLICK HERE!

Video provided by: ManyMinis

Dollhouse Miniature Books Tutorial

This is a very quick and easy project from joanne's minis, faux books that can be used on a book shelf or stacked in your mini scene.

Video provided by: joanne's minis

Tip: How to soften polymer clay

Video provided by: ConfectioneryShop

Penultimate Victorian Dolls House

For a complete description please visit brucepeter2007's YouTube Channel.

Video provided by: brucepeter2007

Remington's Dollhouse

Video provided by: YouTuber~ nightstickmo

Heartsong Dollhouse

Video provided by: YouTuber~ Dede74lass

How To Set Up A Roundwire System For A Dollhouse

This tutorial shows the basics of a roundwire system.

Video provided by: YouTuber~MsMiniLover

Toaster Pastry Tutorial

Video provided by: Kyra's Miniatures

Nana's Miniatures

A granddaughter's mini inheritance. There is a really ugly dog at the end of this video clip....I have no idea what that's about.

Video provided by: HauntedBroadcaster

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