More Room by Room

More scenes in boxes - mostly made of euro-shop-finds and building-blocks.

Video provided by: Oese of
Raum fur Raum & Minifriseursalon

Handmade Plants

Miniature plants for the dollhouse made from paper in 1:12 scale.

Video provided by: Miniakturen

Amelia, Zac, and Miley

Meet the newest additions to ItsyBella & Friends, 1-inch miniature dolls by artist Cheri DeGruccio.

Video provided by:

Emerald Faerie Cottage

Another fabulous creation by Deb Roberts of Deb's Minis.

Video provided by: Deb's Minis

UneekDollDesigns Susan Boyle Doll

The Britain's Got Talent star has been made into a collectors item by a fan from America, Debbie Ritter of UneekDollDesigns. Be sure to also visit Debbie's blog, Uneek Musings.

Video provided by: YouTuber~ itn

Wigging Tutorial

A tutorial for creating a realistic hairline for miniature dolls.

Video provided by: Dana of

Room by Room

Modern miniature scenes in roomboxes and a Lundby-Smaland Dollshouse.

Video provided by: Oese of Raum fur Raum & Minifriseursalon

Pinocchio Scene

Created by the Miniaturist Artisans of Catalunya's Association.

Video provided by: Associació d'Artesans Miniaturistes de Catalunya

There was an old woman

One of a kind art dolls sculpted in polymer clay by Julie Campbell.

Video provided by:
Julie Campbell Doll Artist

Of Dolls and Murder

Inspired by the Nutshell Studies, Indie filmmakers Susan Marks and John Kurtis Dehn, are currently producing a documentary film, OF DOLLS & MURDER, an intimate look at dollhouse crime scenes. The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death were a series of intricately designed dollhouse-style dioramas created by Frances Glessner Lee, a millionaire heiress with an interest in forensic science.

Video provided by: Our Wildest Dreams

The Oracle Machine

A fabulous creation by DollshouseDelights.

Video provided by: YouTuber~DollshouseDelights

Just for Fun!

A good reason to carefully read the description before you purchase. =)

Video provided by: YouTuber~ MalloryPatton

Watermelon Cane

How to make a watermelon cane.

Video provided by: YouTuber~Garden of Imagination

Miniature Occasions & Dolls

Dollhouse shop in Rhode Island.

Video provided by: YouTuber~ bustercloud288

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