Miniature meals from around the world

A small selection of 1/12 scale miniature food from Amanspeak Miniatures.

Video provided by: Amanspeak Miniatures

May Foster's House - 1800

This house was donated to the Victoria & Albert Museum by the great grand-daughter of the little girl for whom the house was originally made. It was built in about 1800 to 1815 and furnished in the style of the period. The little girl was May Foster and her initials are carved above the door. It is possible that the house was designed and built for her by her father, the famous Liverpool architect, John Foster (1786-1846). It is believed to be a copy of the Foster's Liverpool home.

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

Sculpting a Victorian Hand Vase

Hand vases were popular in Victorian times and can be replicated for your miniature scenes with polymer clay. This technique works well in 1/12th or 1/6th scale. It is also a good way to practice your sculpting skills without having to make two matching hands.

Part Two

Part Three

Video provided by: YouTuber~ Stacy Hofman

Berry Pie

Handmade of polymer clay. Sculpey Premo, FIMO soft and Cernit. The glaze is FIMO gloss/varnish lacquer by EberhardFaber.

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1/12th scale miniature food

Hand crafted by AmanSpeak Miniatures.

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Amanspeak Miniatures

How to Make Miniature Dollhouse Scrolls

Learn how to make tiny scrolls for your dollhouse dolls, wizards or fairies, by Moriah Betterly.

Part Two

Video provided by: MLB Studios

Charles Darwin

OOAK Charles Darwin's Character Doll by IGMA Artisan Noemi Pascual. 1/12th scale.

Video provided by: Noemi Pascual

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