Mini Spaghetti Dinner Tutorial

Video provided by: joanne's minis

Blue & White Tea Service Dollhouse

Broken Ceramics Mosaic entry into the 2011 Florida State Fair. This miniature house is a Dura-Craft Alexandria kit, covered with Meakin Nordic Onion, Blue Willow, Queen's and Churchill Out of the Blue Staffordshire, Asiatic Pheasant and many other wonderful blue and white pieces. The convex glass silhouettes are from the 1940s and on the inside and outside of the house are vintage Meyercord Blue Onion waterslide decals.

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Miniature Fruit Pie Tutorial

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Dolls' House, England 1890-1910

This type of house was widely commercially available through mail order catalogues as well as department stores and toy shops in the early tears of the 20th century.  (

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

Tips on Glue from JoAnne's Minis

JoAnne shares her top glue picks as well as some hints for making glue work for you in your project instead of working against you and damaging your project.
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Forster Dollhouse

The Forster collection began in Ireland around 1845. The collection of over 80 miniatures immigrated to Canada with the family in 1868, and became a family heirloom thereafter. Six generations of the Forster family are documented in this small-scale estate. Many of the treasures are handcrafted by family members. A tiny watercolour by the prominent Canadian artist, William Charles Forster, features his three children. A teapot cover is made from an old wedding dress. The bellows are made from Catherine Forster's buttons. Today, staff at the Canadian Children's Museum make a concerted effort to keep the house alive by decorating the home according to the seasons, just as the Forster family had done for so many years.

Video provided by: Canada's Got Treasures

Victorian Dollhouse by Lorri Still

To see another video of this dollhouse, CLICK HERE!

Video provided by: ManyMinis

Dollhouse Miniature Books Tutorial

This is a very quick and easy project from joanne's minis, faux books that can be used on a book shelf or stacked in your mini scene.

Video provided by: joanne's minis

Tip: How to soften polymer clay

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Penultimate Victorian Dolls House

For a complete description please visit brucepeter2007's YouTube Channel.

Video provided by: brucepeter2007

Remington's Dollhouse

Video provided by: YouTuber~ nightstickmo

Heartsong Dollhouse

Video provided by: YouTuber~ Dede74lass

How To Set Up A Roundwire System For A Dollhouse

This tutorial shows the basics of a roundwire system.

Video provided by: YouTuber~MsMiniLover

Toaster Pastry Tutorial

Video provided by: Kyra's Miniatures

Nana's Miniatures

A granddaughter's mini inheritance. There is a really ugly dog at the end of this video clip....I have no idea what that's about.

Video provided by: HauntedBroadcaster

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