Kiwifruit Cane Tutorial

How to make a kiwi cane out of Polymer Clay.

Video provided by: YouTuber~ Gentlemanbunny

Villa Eichhorn

A childens dollshouse from the German brand Simba - rebuilt into a modern house for miniatures.

Video provided by: Oese of Raum fur Raum & Minifriseursalon

Mini Tienda "Camila"

A beautiful miniature shop scene in 1:12 scale.

Video provided by: YouTuber~ AnamaVesi

Miniature Food from Boston Miniatures

Video provided by: Boston Miniatures

Miniature Clubhouse Circa 1970's

This was my entry for the summer contest held by the Small World Forum, I tied for first place.

Video provided by: My Small Obsession

Making a Miniature Room

Making a miniature Room from idea to completion and installation.

Video provided by: YouTuber~boboff47

70's Old Style Hongkong Barber Shop

Video provided by: YouTuber ~ tototonmodel

Pardo Polymer Clay

Pardo is a patented polymer clay that has come to the US from Germany. Pardo comes in 70 colors, many with mica in them, and can be mixed with other polymer clays. It has no phthalates and is made with beeswax and other natural ingredients.

Video provided by: PolymerclayTV

Patience Comes in Miniature Sizes

North Las Vegas resident Frank James, 62, has a passion for making miniature buildings. One of his favorites, The House of Democracy, took 5,800 hours to finish. In September, he is scheduled to have an exhibition of his work at UNLV.

Video provided by: YouTuber~ 702tv

Miniature Rooms

Video provided by: YouTuber~boboff47

Miniature Grapefruit Tutorial

Another fabulous tutorial from Victoria Miniland.

Video provided by: Victoria Miniland

Tracey Snelling's Small-Scale World

Video provided by: KQED Public Media

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