"The Henriques House" 1750-1800

This house was made in the 18th century and is known as the Henriques House because it was bequeathed to the Victoria & Albert Museum by Lady Henriques. It is a model of a typical Kensington or Belgravia town house, found in long rows of elegant terraces. Most of the contents were left to another collection and as a result the house is quite sparsely furnished. please visit my website http://www.ottini.eu/ around the dolls houses.

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Halloween Miniatures

A selection from over 40 handmade miniatures created in October for Halloween 2009. Find out more at Emmaflam & Miniman's and Paris Miniatures Blog.

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Tiny Toy Doll's Doll

Exclusive handmade 1/12 scale porcelain doll's doll for the doll's house nursery or toy shop.

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Grand Re-Opening of Wise Ways Emporium

Wise Ways Emporium has moved to a new building!

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Deb's Minis

Dream Blogs Award

Olivia sent me this award! Thank you Olivia! Visit her blog, My Dollhouse.

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I'm going to do this quick and dirty...... I know everyone is busy and this award has been making it's rounds so I don't expect the bloggers that I choose to post this award again if they have already received it. So here goes....

Casey's Minis

It's a miniature life

Christel Jensen

Tiny Treasures

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Marlies en minies

Doreen's Miniatures

Never Enough Time

The Fabulous Farmhouse

De~lightful Minis

Lothlorie-Inn A Fairy's Bed and Breakfast Inn

A Fairy's Bed and Breakfast Inn, 1" scale miniature dollhouse.

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Minature Cook Books - 2009

Hand made miniature cook books for the dollhouse enthusiast or miniture book collector.

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It's A Small World

In recognition of National Dollhouse and Miniatures Month, the No-Name Dollhouse Group will be displaying its works through October at the West Bridgewater Public Library, in West Bridgewater, MA.

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Miss Miles' House - 1890

This house was made when Amy Miles was a child at the end of the 19th century. It was lent to the Victoria and Albert Museum in 1915 for an exhibition in the Children's Room and was eventually given to the museum in 1921 (details on the web site http://www.ottini.eu/Miss-Miles-House...

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

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