Meredith's Miniatures

The rooms in this exhibit at the High Point Museum, were created by Meredith Slane Michener. They represent the bulk of her collection, which totals 35 rooms. Many of the items in the rooms were created by her, many were purchased from other artisans and many were “found.”  This is one of the largest collections of miniature rooms in the country.

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Geraldine Van Buren's Dollhouse

As a child, Geraldine always wanted a dollhouse, so over the years as an adult, she went to work, putting her heart and soul into creating one.

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Faith Bradford's Dolls House

This miniature house was designed, decorated, and furnished by Faith Bradford (1880-1970). It is five stories tall with 23 rooms and contains over 1,354 small-scale components. The house is home to Mr. and Mrs. Peter Doll, their 10 children, two visiting grandparents, five servants and 20 pets. In 1951 Faith Bradford donated the Dolls' House collection to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, now known as the National Museum of American History.

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Helena Rubinstein's Miniature Rooms

Of all the art treasures Helena Rubinstein collected, the miniature rooms, whose objects are made of ivory, silver, crystal, mahogany, pewter, and more, remained her favorites. As Helena Rubinstein recounted: "Connoisseurs have traveled from many lands to see these miniature rooms, but I enjoy showing them to children most of all." Helena Rubinstein founded the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion of Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv where her collection of miniature rooms is housed. For more about Helena Rubinstein's Miniature Rooms:

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Another Look at the Mini Time Machine Museum

Vacation video at The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures.

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The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures

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Charles Rennie Mackintosh Dollhouse

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The Stettheimer Dollhouse

Carrie Walter Stettheimer (1869-1944) developed the famous dollhouse over the course of 19 years, creating many of the furnishings and decorations by hand, weaving together the fashion and style of New York's high society in the early twentieth century to create one of the finest dollhouses in existence. The styles of decoration vary from room to room, yet the wallpapers, furniture, and fixtures are all characteristic of the period following World War I. The most astounding aspect of the Stettheimer Dollhouse is its one-of-a-kind art gallery, featuring miniature works from renowned avant-garde artists of the 1920s. The result is a magnificent work of art, now in the permanent collection of the Museum of the City of New York. The Stettheimer Dollhouse is roughly 28 inches tall, 50 inches long, and 35 inches wide.

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How to make Miniature Doughnuts in 3 Scales

Joanne shows us how to make doughnuts in 1/12th, 1/6th, and 1/3rd scales.

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Dolls House Made In Australia

Made in New South Wales Australia.

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A World of Miniatures

A collection of miniatures from Canada, the UK, USA, France, Germany and Spain.
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Miniature Pizza Tutorial

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Titanic First Class Room B52 in Miniature

Created in miniature scale 1 to 12 by Conny van den Dungen from the Netherlands.Visit the Titanic in Miniature Blog.
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The Mouse Mansion

Created by Karina Schaapman to form the scenery for the book, The Mouse Mansion Sam and Julia.
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Fantasy Forest

A tour of the Fantasy Forest at the Great American Dollhouse Museum in Danville, Kentucky.

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