Miniature 1/12 scale 1888 Victorian post and beam wood shop, steam engine driven.

Video provided by: NiceBill

My little Treasure Tea Shop

Miniature Tea Shop filled with handmade teapots made from polymer clay.

Video provided by: ChristelJensen


Miniature based on the Harry Potter series featuring the Leaky Cauldron in one-inch scale and Diagon Alley in forced perspective.

Video provided by: JeepersMiniatures

Realistic Dolls House Exteriors

Demonstration showing how realistic brick and stone effects are easily created on dolls houses using stencil applied finishes.

Video provided by: Bromley Craft Products

Miniature Faerie Hutches

Dollhouse-sized hutches/cabinets, wonderfully themed, decorated and finished.

Video provided by: PhoenixFire Designs

Mechanic`s Miniature

Miniature mechanic shop made with scraps.

Video provided by: Danilo Leite

How To Make A Miniature Polymer Cake

A ten minute video showing how to make a miniature chocolate cherry cake out of polymer clay.

Video provided by: Lauren

Miniature Dolls ~ Soiled Doves

Madame Ruby's Soiled Doves.

Video provided by: My Small Obsession

Lakeland Miniature Show Our Town

The Lakeland Miniature guild built an entire miniature town (1:12 scale).

Part Two

Video provided by: victoriamastersart

Dollhouse Candied Apples

How to make miniature candy apples.

Video provided by: VictoriaMiniland

Fiona's Miniature Turnings Gallery

A selection of mini turnings by Fiona Bateman.

Video provided by: Fiona's Miniature Workshop

How to make a 12TH Scale Pet Carrier.

Miniature pet carrier in two videos, made by The Oz of GSOLFOT.

12th scale pet carrier PART TWO

Videos provided by: GSOLFOT Club

How to make miniature bread

How to make miniature bread for dollhouse from Fimo. Class by Alex Zohar

Video provided by: Victoria Miniland

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