Classic Twilight Zone Miniature

Every year I watch the Twilight Zone New Year's Marathon on SyFy. This year to celebrate my tradition, I'm posting a clip of one of my favorite episodes, "Miniature", with Robert Duvall.

Video provided by: YouTuber ~bangor099
View the entire episode here


Christmas scene in 1:12 scale.

Video provided by: AnamaVesi

Mrs Neave's Dollshouse -1840

The house was bought from Mrs Neave of Cotham in 1930. It dates from about 1840 but little is known about its origin. It is a snapshot of an early Victorian interior.

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

OOAK Miniature Babies

1/12 th scale OOAK Miniature Babies by IGMA Artisan Noemi Pascual.

Video provided by: Noemi Pascual

Handmade Miniature Food

A small selection of 1/12 scale miniature food created by Amanspeak Miniatures.

Video provided by: Amanspeak Miniatures

Dollhouse from Switzerland

Video provided by: YouTuber~ 1966mats

Christmas Dinner with the Foxes

Window displays at Bergdorff Goodman in NYC, for the Fantastic Mr. Fox movie.

Video provided by: YouTuber~

Mrs Bryant's Pleasure- 1860

This house was made for a lady called Mrs Bryant in the early 1860s, who lived in a house in Surbiton called Oakenshaw. Mrs Bryant wanted to make a miniature record of the interior of her home.

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

Yummy Miniature Food and Cakes

Video provided by: A.L. Designs

Dollhouse Christmas Tree Angel Topper Tutorial

Video provided by: YouTuber~Garden of Imagination

Christmas Doll House for Storm

This video is a little different than the kind I normally post but it's so sweet I couldn't resist. That's all I am going to say, the video speaks for itself. =)

Video provided by: YouTuber~ mittsdad

Vintage Santa

Traditional old world, European Santa based on the German Saint Nicholas, created by Sandra Morris.

Video provided by:

Snow Scene, Home For Christmas Town

A wonderful display at Wanamaker Lee's Vintage Department Store, owners Rickey and Nancy West, Main Street, Sebree, KY.

Video provided by: YouTuber~

Miniature Market

My miniature market a christmas story inspired by the dolls at Jennifer's Free Dolls House and Miniature Printables.

Video provided by:
YouTuber~ seamonkeyfilms

Poinsettia House

An elegant Victorian dollhouse, custom built by Deb Roberts of Deb's Minis.

Video provided by:
Deb's Minis

My Small Obsession: Win A $10 Gift Certificate to The Fabulous Farmhouse!

Visit my other blog and post a comment for a chance to win!
My Small Obsession: Win A $10 Gift Certificate to The Fabulous Farmhouse!

Miniature Art Studio and Art Supply Store

A 1:12 scale project designed for a miniatures club workshop in Sacramento California.

Video provided by:YouTuber~ donna5611

Retro Lundby Dollhouse

A work in progress.

Video provided by: YouTuber~ weechster

A Miniature Bathroom

Video provided by: YouTuber ~ trudimalalgoda

Queen Mary's Dolls' House In Detail

Extensive work for fans of the Queen Mary's Dolls' House.

Video provided by:
Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

Happy Anniversary My Small Obsession

Hello Everyone out there in Blogland! Today's post is not a video......I have just published a new blog to go along with my website, My Small Obsession. Please stop by and have a look!
My Small Obsession: Happy Anniversary My Small Obsession

Casita Miniatura De Dolors

The builder lives in Barcelona and began the house in 2005.

Video provided by: YouTuber~ miniaturesdolors

Tiny Doll Displays

This video shows an old dollhouse being converted into a Woodland Cottage. It also shows a miniature-filled house and Pumpkin Home created by Carrie Atwood, displays created by "winternight", vitrine displays by "Wilkies". and a dollhouse assembled by Grace of Jpop dolls.

Video provided by: BJDcollectasy with help from Charles' Creature Cabinets, The Sleeping Elf, LTD, and

"The Elkin House" 1800-1830

This house is said to have been made by the father of Sir Francis Palgrave (1788-1861) for his children. It is unusual because it is portable. It was designed to travel, and originally had handles on both sides. Please visit the website around the dolls houses

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

Fira d'Artesans Miniaturistes de Cubelles

Fira d'Artesans miniaturist of Cubelles, in Barcelona Sants Les Cotxeres.

Video provided by: Youtuber~ naliafuster

More From Jefferson House Miniatures

Quality, artist made dollhouse miniatures.

Video provided by: Jefferson House Miniatures

Miniature Thanksgiving Turkey How-To

How to make a miniature turkey from polymer clay by Garden of Imagination.

Video provided by: Youtuber~ Garden of Imagination

"Queen Mary's Rooms" 1920-1924

These two rooms were made by David Allan, who worked in Buckingham Palace where he was responsible for the textiles and upholstery. Queen Mary collected the furniture and all the other miniature items with which the rooms were decorated. She gave the rooms to the Museum of Childhood in 1924, the same year that the famous Queen Mary's Dolls' House, on display at Windsor Castle, was made as a tribute to her. Please visit my website around the dolls houses

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

"The Henriques House" 1750-1800

This house was made in the 18th century and is known as the Henriques House because it was bequeathed to the Victoria & Albert Museum by Lady Henriques. It is a model of a typical Kensington or Belgravia town house, found in long rows of elegant terraces. Most of the contents were left to another collection and as a result the house is quite sparsely furnished. please visit my website around the dolls houses.

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

Halloween Miniatures

A selection from over 40 handmade miniatures created in October for Halloween 2009. Find out more at Emmaflam & Miniman's and Paris Miniatures Blog.

Video provided by: Emmaflam & Miniman's Miniatures

Tiny Toy Doll's Doll

Exclusive handmade 1/12 scale porcelain doll's doll for the doll's house nursery or toy shop.

Video provided by: Diminutive Dolls

Grand Re-Opening of Wise Ways Emporium

Wise Ways Emporium has moved to a new building!

Video provided by:
Deb's Minis

Dream Blogs Award

Olivia sent me this award! Thank you Olivia! Visit her blog, My Dollhouse.

Here are the rules;
1. Show the image of the award, and state rules.
2. Post the link of the person that gave you the prize.
3. Display 10 blogs to which you grant the award.
4. Advise the blogs listed.

I'm going to do this quick and dirty...... I know everyone is busy and this award has been making it's rounds so I don't expect the bloggers that I choose to post this award again if they have already received it. So here goes....

Casey's Minis

It's a miniature life

Christel Jensen

Tiny Treasures

More Minis @ Blogspot

Marlies en minies

Doreen's Miniatures

Never Enough Time

The Fabulous Farmhouse

De~lightful Minis

Lothlorie-Inn A Fairy's Bed and Breakfast Inn

A Fairy's Bed and Breakfast Inn, 1" scale miniature dollhouse.

Video provided by:

Minature Cook Books - 2009

Hand made miniature cook books for the dollhouse enthusiast or miniture book collector.

Video provided by: Miniature Books by Pat Carlson

It's A Small World

In recognition of National Dollhouse and Miniatures Month, the No-Name Dollhouse Group will be displaying its works through October at the West Bridgewater Public Library, in West Bridgewater, MA.

Video provided by: YouTuber~ OldCM

Miss Miles' House - 1890

This house was made when Amy Miles was a child at the end of the 19th century. It was lent to the Victoria and Albert Museum in 1915 for an exhibition in the Children's Room and was eventually given to the museum in 1921 (details on the web site

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

OOAK Custom Dressed Dollhouse Miniature Beds by Deb Roberts

Even more OOAK dollhouse miniature custom dressed beds to give style and personality to any miniature scene. Accepting custom orders, see more at Deb's Minis .

Video provided by: Deb's Minis

A Miniature American Diner

Video provided by: sandiesminiworld

The Drew House ~1860

This house was made in the early 1860s for the Drew family, hence the name. Some repair and restoration has been done to it. The Drew House now housed in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.... (details

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

How to make miniature cupcakes

Sample from Christel Jensen's new video on how to make miniature cupcakes. Included with the video are molds to get you started.

Video provided by: Little Treasures

Grandpa's Dollhouse

Harold Aller's "Jordan House" Dollhouse. Blue Ribbon at the 2009 Iowa State Fair.

Video provided by: YouTuber~ adammeyer22

Special Olympics Doll House

Built by Wanda Miller of Wish I Had My and Donated to the New Jersey Special Olympics.

Video provided by: YouTuber~ JohnBL12

Trash to Treasure Tip ~ Mini Display Case

A little trash to treasure, using a plastic container from a gum/candy machine, from Garden of Imagination.

Video provided by: YouTuber~ Garden Of Imagination

"Devonshire Villas" 1900 Doll House

This house is a replica of a real house that existed in Kilburn, North London, which was later destroyed. It was made in 1900 for Mr Samuel Loebl as a present for his daughter, Cecy. It is decorated and furnished in the very latest style for the time and many of the features, such as the fitted bathroom and the double sink in the kitchen, were very modern...(details

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

Dolls House 1800-1820

This is a house which was made in the early 1800s probably by a carpenter. It was bought by Mrs Winifred Alice Hibberd from a shop in St. John's Wood High Street, London in 1965 for £60.... (details

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

Dolls House "Tate Baby House" 1760

Little is known about the lady who last owned this house. Her name was Mrs Walter Tate and the house is named after her. It was made in Dorset and is said to have been modelled on an 18th century Dorset house. It is a complex structure which comes apart in several sections so that the owner could take it on her travels often long. The baby house was the pride and joy of the mistress of the house, who would often take hers with her... (details

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

Dolls House "Miss Pinney's House" Bettiscombe 1870

The house is a portrait of life in a wealthy household from the late 19th to early 20th centuries. It has two unusual features in that it has a roof garden and a lift which can be operated by turning the handle gently.

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

Dolls Houses Around the World

A collection of famous dollhouses manufactured from 1600 to 1900.

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

C'est Si Bon Dollhouse

A French Cafe by Deb Roberts.

Video provided by: Deb's Minis

Kiwifruit Cane Tutorial

How to make a kiwi cane out of Polymer Clay.

Video provided by: YouTuber~ Gentlemanbunny

Villa Eichhorn

A childens dollshouse from the German brand Simba - rebuilt into a modern house for miniatures.

Video provided by: Oese of Raum fur Raum & Minifriseursalon

Mini Tienda "Camila"

A beautiful miniature shop scene in 1:12 scale.

Video provided by: YouTuber~ AnamaVesi

Miniature Food from Boston Miniatures

Video provided by: Boston Miniatures

Miniature Clubhouse Circa 1970's

This was my entry for the summer contest held by the Small World Forum, I tied for first place.

Video provided by: My Small Obsession

Making a Miniature Room

Making a miniature Room from idea to completion and installation.

Video provided by: YouTuber~boboff47

70's Old Style Hongkong Barber Shop

Video provided by: YouTuber ~ tototonmodel

Pardo Polymer Clay

Pardo is a patented polymer clay that has come to the US from Germany. Pardo comes in 70 colors, many with mica in them, and can be mixed with other polymer clays. It has no phthalates and is made with beeswax and other natural ingredients.

Video provided by: PolymerclayTV

Patience Comes in Miniature Sizes

North Las Vegas resident Frank James, 62, has a passion for making miniature buildings. One of his favorites, The House of Democracy, took 5,800 hours to finish. In September, he is scheduled to have an exhibition of his work at UNLV.

Video provided by: YouTuber~ 702tv

Miniature Rooms

Video provided by: YouTuber~boboff47

Miniature Grapefruit Tutorial

Another fabulous tutorial from Victoria Miniland.

Video provided by: Victoria Miniland

Tracey Snelling's Small-Scale World

Video provided by: KQED Public Media

Lilliput Dollhouses and Miniatures

Dollhouse shop in Fairport, New York.

Video provided by: YouTuber~ ishoplocal

Nana's Kitchen

Video provided by: YouTuber~ trudimalalgoda

The Pierce Dollhouse by Deb Roberts.

Video provided by: Deb's Minis

Barb's Garden Kit

This kit is available at Victoria Miniland.

Video provided by: Victoria Miniland

Miniatures from Argentina

Video provided by: YouTuber~ AnamaVesi

Rachel's Fairy Houses

One of a kind, magical fairy houses by Rachel Pace.

Magpie Fairy House

Video provided by: Rachel's Fairy Houses

Creating Simple Water Effects

Video provided by: Michigan Toy Soldier Company

DANA's Miniature Doll Tutorial

This video gives a quick and easy way to secure your miniature doll to a doll stand before dressing and posing.

Video provided by:
Dana of

Miniaturen 1:12 - Kommandeur

An old Dutch Flat on the island Ameland.

Video provided by:

Miniatures from France

Video provided by: Minivale

Faerie Cottage Featured on Cover of American Miniaturist

The story of the Emerald Faerie Cottage by Deb Roberts, American Miniaturist Magazine July 2009

Video provided by: Deb's Minis

Got Geek?

A public awareness campaign from Geek the Library, the campaign introduces the word geek as a verb. Every individual is passionate about something and anyone can learn more about what they geek -what they are passionate about- at the public library. What do you geek?

Video provided by: YouTuber~ geekthelibrary

Gluing Miniature Doll Clothing

A quick guide on gluing NATHALIE's gore seams together for the June online class at Miniature Art.

Part Two

Video provided by: Dana of

The Great American Dollhouse Museum

The Great American Dollhouse Museum in Danville Kentucky: a top-choice destination for anyone who likes to gawk at tiny things artfully displayed.

Video provided by: YouTuber~ abc36hometowntours

A Dolls House from the Netherlands

Video provided by: YouTuber~poppenmus1

Custom Dollhouse Dressed Furniture

Dressed beds and living room furniture by Deb Roberts of Deb's Minis. Miniature perfection for any dollhouse or room box.

Video provided by: Deb's Minis

More Room by Room

More scenes in boxes - mostly made of euro-shop-finds and building-blocks.

Video provided by: Oese of
Raum fur Raum & Minifriseursalon

Handmade Plants

Miniature plants for the dollhouse made from paper in 1:12 scale.

Video provided by: Miniakturen

Amelia, Zac, and Miley

Meet the newest additions to ItsyBella & Friends, 1-inch miniature dolls by artist Cheri DeGruccio.

Video provided by:

Emerald Faerie Cottage

Another fabulous creation by Deb Roberts of Deb's Minis.

Video provided by: Deb's Minis

UneekDollDesigns Susan Boyle Doll

The Britain's Got Talent star has been made into a collectors item by a fan from America, Debbie Ritter of UneekDollDesigns. Be sure to also visit Debbie's blog, Uneek Musings.

Video provided by: YouTuber~ itn

Wigging Tutorial

A tutorial for creating a realistic hairline for miniature dolls.

Video provided by: Dana of

Room by Room

Modern miniature scenes in roomboxes and a Lundby-Smaland Dollshouse.

Video provided by: Oese of Raum fur Raum & Minifriseursalon

Pinocchio Scene

Created by the Miniaturist Artisans of Catalunya's Association.

Video provided by: Associació d'Artesans Miniaturistes de Catalunya

There was an old woman

One of a kind art dolls sculpted in polymer clay by Julie Campbell.

Video provided by:
Julie Campbell Doll Artist

Of Dolls and Murder

Inspired by the Nutshell Studies, Indie filmmakers Susan Marks and John Kurtis Dehn, are currently producing a documentary film, OF DOLLS & MURDER, an intimate look at dollhouse crime scenes. The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death were a series of intricately designed dollhouse-style dioramas created by Frances Glessner Lee, a millionaire heiress with an interest in forensic science.

Video provided by: Our Wildest Dreams

The Oracle Machine

A fabulous creation by DollshouseDelights.

Video provided by: YouTuber~DollshouseDelights

Just for Fun!

A good reason to carefully read the description before you purchase. =)

Video provided by: YouTuber~ MalloryPatton

Watermelon Cane

How to make a watermelon cane.

Video provided by: YouTuber~Garden of Imagination

Miniature Occasions & Dolls

Dollhouse shop in Rhode Island.

Video provided by: YouTuber~ bustercloud288

The Pierce Dollhouse

A Greenleaf dollhouse from Germany.

Video provided by: YouTuber~ dx111ge

Miniature foods by Chobiko of Japan!

Video provided by: chobikomini

Fairy Miniatures and Cabinets

From the Spirited Woodland - A shop of Myth, Magic and Mystery.

Video provided by: Spirited Woodland

Willowcrest Dollhouse

Welcome to Willowfaire, a Second Empire Social Salon. Willowfaire is a Willowcrest dollhouse by Greenleaf, customized by Deb Roberts.

Video provided by: Deb's Minis

"O" Scale

Something a little different today....Lionel / K-line / MTH 3 rail train layout. Very detailed model, it took eight years to build and is not yet complete.

Video provided by: YouTuber~jfilmsinc

Cecelia, Sam, and Isabella

ItsyBella & Friends, 1-inch miniature dolls by artist Cheri DeGruccio.

Video provided by:

Miniature White House

The White House in Miniature, a breathtaking scale model of the White House that is 60 feet long and 20 feet wide. The replica took more than 35 years to research, design and construct. Among the features are tiny, working televisions, hand-carved chairs and tables, crystal chandeliers, portraits and miniature carpets that reproduce the originals stitch by stitch- each nuance of the White House is painstakingly reproduced to capture the elegance of one of the world's most recognized residences.

Video provided by: YouTuber~piretfl

Dollhouse Morning

A pilot concept for children's programming on television or the web.

Video provided by: Eastman Video

Willard Wigan Micro Sculptor

Sculpture artist Willard Wigan has to slow down his metabolism, breathing and heartbeat so the pulse in his fingers does not get in the way of his work.

Video provided by: YouTuber~gosale1

Photographer Carolyn Lefley on miniature worlds.

Carolyn Lefley is fascinated by the interplay between the miniature fantasy world of dolls houses and the real world.

Video provided by: TroikaEditions

Miniatures by Small Bakery

Video provided by: Small Bakery

Beacon Hill Dollhouse

This Beacon Hill was created by Deb Roberts.

Video provided by: Deb's Minis

The Thorne Rooms

The 68 Thorne Miniature Rooms enable one to glimpse elements of European interiors from the late 13th century to the 1930s and American furnishings from the 17th century to the 1930s. Painstakingly constructed on a scale of one inch to one foot, these fascinating models were conceived by Mrs. James Ward Thorne of Chicago and constructed between 1932 and 1940 by master craftsmen according to her specifications.

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

Fran' Miniatures

Handmade doll's house miniatures by artisan, Frances Knight.

Video provided by: Fran's Miniatures

Killer Cabinet, England 1830

An elegant example of a dolls' house in a cabinet, made in the early 1800s and commissioned by a Manchester doctor, Dr John Killer.

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

The Grim Reaper's Party Boat

A very clever miniature scene created by Deb Roberts.

Video provided by: Deb's Minis

Mon Plaisir, Arnstadt (1666-1751)

"Mon Plaisir" (My Pleasure) is a baroque village in miniature. It consists of many houses, 82 rooms, and more than 400 dolls, and provides an intimate view of 18th-century life in Augustenburg Germany, detailing the reality at that time with aristocracy, middle class and farmer. Created over several decades, by Princess Dorothea of Schwarzburg-Arnstadt and her countless helpers.

Video provide by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

Magick in Miniature

The Witch's House, The Magician's House, and Wise Ways Emporium.

Video provided by: Deb's Minis

Miniature Pharmacy

Handcrafted 1:12th Scale Miniature Pharmacy inspired by the wonderful art of Charles Wysocki.

Video provided by: YouTuber~ MiniatureCollector

The Castle by Elaine Diehl

The Dollhouse Castle was designed and created by Colorado miniaturist Elaine Diehl, who was inspired by the character of Lady Elaine and her fantasy castle in Tennysons Lady of the Lake. The Dollhouse Castle is owned by Dr. Michael Freeman and his wife Lois Freeman and is currently on loan to the Nassau County Museum of Art on Long Island New York.

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

Kreativ Blogger Award

Thank you Debbie, from Tiny Treasures! If you haven't been over to Debbie's blog, you are really missing out, she's a fabulous blogger and miniature maker! The she is making, is out of this world, a must see!

The rules of this award are to list seven things I Love and then pass it on to another seven Kreativ Bloggers.

Seven things I love:

1. My husband and 4 children

2. My Boston Terriers, Boomer & Bodhi

3. My online miniature friends

4. Blogging

5. Miniature Swaps

6. Chili Burgers

7. Rob Zombie

The seven blogs I would like to give this award to:

Grace, over at TreeFeathers. I love Grace's miniature books and she always has interesting blog posts.

Kathie, from KathiB's Miniatures for her fantastic miniatures, I absolutly love Marie Laveau's Creole Cottage.

Doreen, from the blog, Doreen's Miniature Projects, she has loads of great projects.

Taenia, from Taenia's Miniatures, go over to her blog and see the fabulous "Pleasantville" scene.

Casita Mini, for the amazing amount of information, links and tutorials on this blog.

Tonyina from, Can Tonyina Minis for her mouth watering mini food!

Ruth from the blog, Sweetbutnotsour's Creations, for her fun and fabulous Art Dolls.

I'll be back later to post a new video.

ItsyBella & Friends

ItsyBella & Friends, 1-inch miniature dolls by artist Cheri DeGruccio.

Video provided by:

Coraline's Miniature Knitter

Althea Crome, knitter of Coralines sweater and gloves, size xxs.

Video provided by: CoralineFilms

Sisterhood Award

I am really late posting this, I promise to do better next time! I received this award from my good friend Brenda, and from Oese Dortmund, from Germany, Oese has 2 blogs, Minifriseursalon and Raum für Raum. Thank you so much for the award and for being my "sisters"!

The Rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received your award.

The first 10 blog sisters I would like to pass this award on to:

Kellee of Kellee's Miniatures
Ana Rosa of Las Miniaturas de Ana
Donna of Never Enough Time
Cathy of The Fabulous Farmhouse
Yovanka of Art Dolls by Yvonanka Black
Tiffany of Mini Mischief
Minna of Minna's Doll World - Minnan nukkemaailma
Sophia of O Mundo de Zaphia
Mercedes of Liberty Biberty
Linda of Une Petite Folie

The next 10 blog sisters have already won this award so I don't expect them to re-post the award, just wanted them to know I appreciate them!

De of De~lightful Minis
Grace of TreeFeathers
Jayne of Tallulah~Belle Originals
Debbie of Tiny Treasures
Casey of Casey's Minis
Kim of It's a miniature life
Marsha of Sassy Mini Dolls Are Dolls With AttiTUDE!
Gina of More Minis @ Blogspot
Doreen of Doreen's Miniatures
And last but not least, Brenda.

Miniature Dollhouse Slideshow

Video provided by: YouTuber~arsenicsmile

Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle

Silent film star Colleen Moore was always fascinated by dolls and doll houses.....this is the "doll house" of her dreams!

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

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