How to make Cold Porcelain & Miniature Daffodils

Video provided by: Barrowdene Miniatures


Sandy said...

Hello... I just found you blog and am so glad I did. This cold porcelain is new to me, I'm jumping up and down with delight on making some. Okay maybe I'm sitting. lol I'm your newest follower, love to invite you over to visit and follow me when you get a chance.
Have a lovely holiday.

MiniMaker said...

Hello Sandy and thank you for following! I'm glad you found me too! lol I do follow your blog, under my other google account;
I go by MiniMaker on that one too but I have a different avatar picture....confusing I know but it's a long story and I ended up with 2 accounts for my blogs instead of just one for both.

Italian Porcelain said...

Now I see that making a miniature daffodils takes a long and complex procedures. It's not that hard to make after all but it takes time and extensive effort to make its details perfect.

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