Newberg Dollhouse

Video provided by: Minis by Angela

Matquel's Antiques & China Shop

Created by Rebecca Micallef.
Video provided by: Rebmicallef

Polymer Clay Basket Tutorial

Video provided by: stargatefansg1

Dollhouse Doll's Hands Tutorial

Artisan Patricia Cabrera shares how she creates 1:12 scale doll hands. Be sure to visit her website, Woolytales Miniatures and stop by her Blog.

Video provided by: Woolytales Miniatures

Happy Birthday Arthur!

Celebrate Arthur's birthday and learn a little bit about the dog that hides in the pages of American Miniaturist magazine every month.
Video provided by: DollshouseTV

Pat's Little World

Video provided by: marianamackinney

Dollhouses by Hank and Iris Nedza

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Miniature Birdhouse Tutorial

Joanne shows us how to make 3 different styles of miniature bird houses.

Video provided by: joanne's minis

Miniature Hat and Hat Box Tutorial

Video provided by: YouTuber~166sue

Miniature Scale Fantasy Leather Bound Books

Video provided by: EV Miniatures

How to Make Miniature Plates and Bowls

Video provided by: Lilacsmell's Miniatures

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