Helena's Dolls for MDL Houseparty

One of Belgium's famous doll artisans, Helena (Fashion Dolls in Miniature) will be teaching a doll class at the MDL Houseparty in July. (New York and Quebec). If you are interested in attending, visit miniDOLLlist for more information.

Video provided by: Dana of Miniature Art

1:12th Scale Easter Egg Bread Tutorial

Video provided by: joanne's minis

Quilled Miniature Hyacinths & Plant Stand Tutorials

Plant Stand

The order of the pieces for the stand is as follows from top to bottom:
Section 1 - 48" length rolled into a tight coil
Section 2- 24"
Section 3- 1 "
Section 4- 3"
Section 5- 1 "
Section 6- 3/4" X 3" rectangle rolled up starting on short side
Section 7- 1"
Section 8- 3"
Section 9- 1"
Section 10- 24"
Section 11- 48 "

Videos provided by: yoyomax12

Uneek Doll Designs Miniature Art Dolls

Video provided by: Uneek Doll Designs

Smallsea~ A Metropolis in Miniature

Located in Carmel, California, Smallsea depicts the city center of a fictional city in Edwardian England circa 1900 to 1905. A population of over 1,000 miniature dolls goes about the daily routines of city life. Smallsea is occupied by an unknown branch of the human family called Twelfths. Be sure to visit the Smallsea Galleries.

Video provided by: greybeardct

Miniature Roadside Diner ~ The Greasy Spoon

Video provided by: My Small Obsession

OOAK Miniature Dolls by Miniature Marvels

Video provided by: MiniatureMarvels

1:12th Scale Snake Plant ~ Trash to Treasure Project

Video provided by: joanne's minis

Dolls House World New Subscribers' Gift

Video provided by: mgrindon & Dolls House World

How To Make A Display For Photographing Your Miniatures

Video provided by: Gypsy Minis

Dollhouse Quilt Tutorial

Joanne shows us how to make "cheater" quilt and how to create the look of a family heirloom that has been passed down through the years.

Video provided by: joanne's minis

Making Miniature Eggs

Video provided by: Daniela of d-r-n.com

Baltimore Museum of Art Miniatures

Video provided by: fyom

Casa de Muñecas

Video provided by: pichirichi67

Queen Anne Dollhouse

Video provided by: psybernana

How to make miniature chicken noodle soup

Video provided by: MsMiniLover

Dollhouse Miniature Bedroom Revamped

Video provided by: Mini-Mago Inc

Dollhouse Cookie Jar Tutorial

A quick and easy project!

Video provided by: joanne's minis

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