Bon Appétit

1:12 scale food by miniature artisan Valerie from France.

Video provided by: Minivale

Emma's Adventures

Emma the traveling doll from The Greenleaf Miniature Community.

Video provided by: The Greenleaf Miniature Community

Lighthouse by Deb Roberts

A 1:12 scale lighthouse on wharf base with custom pier.

Video provided by: Deb's Minis

"Mr. Warne House" 1930

Video provided by: Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

Dollhouse for Grandma Dee Dee

Video provided by: YouTuber~akkyrias

Miniature Plates Tutorial

How to make a miniature plate of polymer clay. Decorate the plate with acrylic paint. Glaze after baking, with EberhardFaber (fimo) glaze.

Video provided by:

How To Make Tiny Valentine Hearts

Video provided by: Garden of Imagination

Miniature Hobbit Hole

Fabulous handmade Miniature Hobbit Hole. Be sure to visit Madshobbithole's Blog to see how it was made. The video ends at 2 minutes, the last 2 minutes and 43 seconds are just a black screen.

Video provided by: Madshobbithole

The Miniature White House

The Miniature White House is a detailed miniature replica of the White House created by miniaturists John and Jan Zweifel. Featuring exact representations, this miniature mansion is a large, 60 feet long by 20 feet wide, replica that took John and Jan Zweifel and a dedicated corps of volunteers more than 35 years to research, design, and construct.

Video provided by:
Le Room Boxes di Ileana Ottini

Miniature Traveling Critter

Cornelius Hecow, Small World's first traveling critter, travles from El Paso Texas to England, Canada, Pennsylvania, Illinois, West Virginia, California and back to Texas.

Video provided by: Small World & My Small Obsession

Create A Valentine Cake

How to create a heart shaped cake out of Polymer Clay.

Video provided by: GentlemanBunny

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