Caroline's Glencroft Dollhouse Tour

Video provided by: gp60m122


Mary said...

I am sorry, the video is marked as a private video so I cannot view it. Is that the setting you meant for it ? Thanks, Mary

MiniMaker said...

Hi Mary! The owner/creator of the video changed the setting and then re-did her video so she marked the previous video as private. That happens sometimes, thank you for bringing it to my attention. I've changed it now so you should be able to view it.

elizabeth s said...

Hi Caroline! I love the way that you have presented your doll's houses! Both of them are really lovely and they both have personality which is so important! Your Fimo foods are done well and I look forward to seeing a mini turkey dinner on your table soon, too. I have to commend you on the roof of the Glencroft! It is a great color and also appears to be the thatch that is represented and it looks FANTASTIC! All of the work is neat and well done and I can tell that you have really enjoyed yourself in the process. Thank you for sharing this video tour!


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