Titania's Palace

Titania's Palace is a miniature castle that was hand-built in Ireland by James Hicks & Sons, Irish Cabinet Makers who were commissioned by Sir Neville Wilkinson from 1907 to 1922. Wilkinson's daughter Gwendolyn asked her father to make her a house for the little fairies she had seen in the garden beside their home at Mount Merrion House. The palace consists of 18 rooms and salons, which contain hand-carved mahogany furniture. There are 3000 tiny works of art and miniatures from around the world on display inside the palace.

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Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Simply Beautiful!

I would love to hear the story about how this work of art came to be.


MiniMaker said...

Isn't it gorgeous! I found this website with some great info about the Palace. http://www.mountmerrion300.ie/titania%27s_palace.html

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Thank you!

Lots of info there and the pictures are gorgeous!

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