Kreativ Blogger Award

Thank you Debbie, from Tiny Treasures! If you haven't been over to Debbie's blog, you are really missing out, she's a fabulous blogger and miniature maker! The she is making, is out of this world, a must see!

The rules of this award are to list seven things I Love and then pass it on to another seven Kreativ Bloggers.

Seven things I love:

1. My husband and 4 children

2. My Boston Terriers, Boomer & Bodhi

3. My online miniature friends

4. Blogging

5. Miniature Swaps

6. Chili Burgers

7. Rob Zombie

The seven blogs I would like to give this award to:

Grace, over at TreeFeathers. I love Grace's miniature books and she always has interesting blog posts.

Kathie, from KathiB's Miniatures for her fantastic miniatures, I absolutly love Marie Laveau's Creole Cottage.

Doreen, from the blog, Doreen's Miniature Projects, she has loads of great projects.

Taenia, from Taenia's Miniatures, go over to her blog and see the fabulous "Pleasantville" scene.

Casita Mini, for the amazing amount of information, links and tutorials on this blog.

Tonyina from, Can Tonyina Minis for her mouth watering mini food!

Ruth from the blog, Sweetbutnotsour's Creations, for her fun and fabulous Art Dolls.

I'll be back later to post a new video.


TreeFeathers said...

Thank you, Gaye!

- Grace

Camille Minichino said...

Love the video and music! thanks for ALL the wonderful pictures. I also now have a great new list of mini blogs.

Camille/Margaret Grace
"Malice in Miniature"

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