Miniature Vintage Refrigerator Tutorial

Video provided by: Celine Hedegaard

Miniature Vintage Telephone Tutorial

Video provided by: Maive Ferrando

Miniature Dollhouse Office Tour

Video provided: Sergio M

Miniature Dollhouse Bowls Tutorial

Video provided by: Maive Ferrando

Mulvany & Rogers Ham House in Miniature

Video provided by: Max Mulvany  & National Trust

On display from September 9th to October 9th excluding Saturday 17th September at the National Trust's Ham House, Richmond, Surrey, UK

Easy Miniature Doll Armchair Tutorial

Video provided by: Celine Hedegaard

Miniature Owl Tutorial

Video provided by: SugarCharmShop

Miniature Ship In A Bottle Tutorial

Video provided by: Celine Hedegaard

Students Restore Dollhouse Mansion At Winterthur

Video provided by: University of Deleware

Miniature Farm Display

Video provided by: IowaPublicTelevision & Seth Eberhardt

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