Hitchcock Inspired Miniature Rear Window Apartment Building

Miniaturist Louise Krasniewicz shares details about the prize winning piece she created for the 2015 Philadelphia Flower Show.

Video provided by: Darren Scala


petitemoonbeams.blogspot.com said...

I saw this winning scene at the Philadelphia Flower Show. It was impressive. I could have stood there for more than the "allotted time" just to take in all of the specific settings. (Note: There was a long, long viewing line behind me.) I don't think that the viewers completely understand the mind of a miniaturist and from some of the comments, they missed some of the points. But this scene was just magnificent. And I enjoyed seeing the artist. Thanks.

MiniMaker said...

How fabulous that you got to see this scene! I would love to have been able to see it in person, it really is magnificent! =)

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