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There were several videos deleted due to an issue with YouTube and the creator of the videos. The videos are in the process of being uploaded again so as she adds them I will be re-uploading the videos that have been deleted.

Miniature Croissant & Donuts Tutorial

Video provided by:SugarCharmShop


Yolanda Morán said...

Perfectos, el realismo es increíble, todos estas vídeos que publicas me encantan.
Un abrazo.

mcddiss said...

un tutorial fantastico , gracias



Thelma in Tucson said...

On your Creating Dollhouse Miniatures site, do you have any 1:48" scale minis/videos? If so, how would I find them. Thanks! tls

MiniMaker said...

Thelma, I haven't come across many 1:48 scale videos. The only one I know of is by Pat Carlson but I will keep an eye out for them.

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