Polymer Clay Tips & Tricks Part 2

Video provided by: littleTstudio


Elizabeth S said...

Thank you very much for these practical tips and tricks!
I am intrigued by your usage of watercolor paints mixed with the TLS or DECO GEL. I have been informed that only oil paint and not acrylic/watercolor because of the water content in them could distort the finished project!? You must have success with the watercolor paint so why the warning from others? Is there a special way that you mix them or prepare them to enable them to work? Just curious!


MiniMaker said...

Hi Elizabeth!
I am not the creator of the video so I can only speak for myself.
I have heard the same thing about using acrylic/water based paints. The Glass Attic Polymer Clay Encyclopedia states; "Any material containing very much water should not be used in liquid clays because the water will turn to steam during baking and create bubbles or rough eruptions
(acrylic paints, watercolor paints, water-based inks, etc.)"
Personally I have used acrylic paints to color TLS but only in tiny amounts and only for "sauces" and I haven't had any trouble so far. Most of the time I use oil based paints and chalk pastels.

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