Pumpkin Witch House

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Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

What a cute house! Lots of eye candy :)


Lucille said...

Such imaginative and endearing details!

Unknown said...

i have bin thinking about making a house like this i just have no clue of how to go about it

Ronda in Richmond said...

Hello Gaye,
Imagine my surprise as I was perusing all things miniature, especially Halloween, when I came across this video of the Pumpkin House. Why was I surprised? Because I MADE the house with the help of a friend, the same friend and I shot the video in his woods. I am curious as to how it got here, and I hope all who watched it enjoyed it. It was a challenge for me, for sure, but I must say I am very proud of it! I have many other pictures of the making of and inside close ups.
I'll have a look around your site and see what other goodies you have.

MiniMaker said...

Hi Ronda! I love your little pumpkin house, its fantastic and creative! I don't remember for sure how I came across your video, either someone sent me a link or I found it myself on YouTube. It has been viewed a lot here, almost 800 views. You should be very proud, it is adorable and looks like it wasn't easy to make! Great job and thank you so much for sharing!

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