Halloween at Hummingbird Miniatures

Dollhouse miniature Halloween food made in 1:12 scale by Hummingbird Miniatures. Visit Hummingbird Miniatures blog and the Pixie Dust Miniatures blog.

Video provided by: Caro Home Crafts


Caroline said...

THANKS SO much for uploading my video!! I was so thrilled to see this this morning. Really nice of you to share it on your blog.

Mini hugs!

Anonymous said...

Completely out of context, but I heard this bit of info:

“It turns out that the son of the late, Ron Stetkewicz will be attending the 2010 Philadelphia Miniaturia in Cherry Hill, NJ this November 5th. I don’t believe he has a booth but is just attending the preview. Then would be the time to talk with him about what you are looking for. His father used to make all the brass hardware in the industry and now his son is going to begin doing it also. Its not that far from where you live, Agnes, so maybe we can meet there. I hope all is well with your husband, and you can make it to the show. Love and Blessings, Midge.”

MiniMaker said...

Hello Caroline! Thank you for creating and allowing your video to be shared! Your miniatures are fabulous! This blog is only possible because of people like you! =)

Mini Regards,

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