Room by Room

Modern miniature scenes in roomboxes and a Lundby-Smaland Dollshouse.

Video provided by: Oese of Raum fur Raum & Minifriseursalon


Debbie said...

Some great room settings on this video.

Oese said...

It is so nice, that you have my videos on your side. Thank you very much! I'm sorry about my youtube-name, but it is older than my miniature-mania ;-)


MiniMaker said...

Oese, I didn't realize this was your video! Fabulous....I'll change the link at the bottom to go to your blog instead of your YouTube channel.

Oese said...

Thank you, that is so nice of you. Beeing in the miniworld makes really happy. You are great in finding videos and again thank you for sharing this with us.
Regards from Germany

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